Packing Supplies Made Easy

There are lot of options when it comes to packing supplies. Don’t get overwhelmed during your move, let West Creek Self Storage help! Our experts are trained to guide you through every move with success. Keep reading for all our tips on what tools to get.

  • Packing SuppliesBubble wrap, kraft paper or newsprint will keep everything safe and snug while moving.
  • For small to medium packing jobs small tape dispensers will work. If you plan on moving a whole house or business go for the bulk pack!
  • The largest rolls of tape will keep the process moving along for 8-12 boxes.
  • Your sofas, love seats, and mattress hold the most moisture, which can be an issue in a dark storage unit. Protect your belongings even when you are not there; a cover is the most important item on your shopping list.
  • Purchase a variety of boxes to suit all your treasures. The small boxes are the best for heavy items.
  • Use a cardboard partition to separate each dish. Add a layer of paper between them so they do not hit and damage each other.
  • A laminated lock is top of the line security for your belongings.
  • Keep your belongings out of harm and destruction of mildew and mold with a damp rid container. Save your budget and purchase the refillable container.
  • Once you have everything stacked and organized, wrap your boxes and furniture with stretch wrap. This plastic shield keeps everything together and protects against rainy weather during your move.
  • After everything is in the unit, you may forget which boxes have the breakables. Stay organized while packing and make sure to clearly mark which ones need extra care.

Planning is all part of the moving process. If you need help figuring out how much space you need, or which packing supplies work for your situation, stop in to talk with us!


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